Daytona Pet Crematory

Because family is family

Our pets help us to live fuller lives. They comfort us when we are sad, share in our joy and were always there when we needed them. When we think about life from their perspective we can see that sometimes we overcomplicate things. They remind us that humans are trying to achieve the same life goals; to be happy, healthy and loved.

Though it is impossible to repay all that they have done for us it is important that the family they leave behind can honor their passing and have a feeling of closure. Daytona Pet Cremation would like to help the bereaved and thank them for allowing us to help in the final honoring of your loved one.

Daytona Pet Crematory: meeting the end with dignity

When the time comes you need only call Daytona Pet Crematory and we will take care of the arrangements.

Taking possession of the remains

We will travel to your home or veterinarian to take possession of the remains. If the family wishes to transport their loved one themselves to our cremation facility, this option is available but we do request that you call in advance.


Some facilities in the area charges $100 to view their pet being placed in the crematory. Let the pet parents know that they are always welcome to their final and personal goodbyes...NEVER an additional cost for this.


We offer a variety of different urns for you to select; ranging from a classic vessel to more decorative urns.

After Cremation

Once the cremation process is completed we will return your pet in the urn of your choosing.

2110 West Poinsettia Dr, Port Orange

Our facility is located just minutes away from the Daytona International Speedway and in close proximity to Cape Canaveral and the Orlando theme parks.